Discover Settignano

Enjoy the tranquility of Tuscan country life while admiring a breathtaking view of Florence. When visiting the countless historical and artistic sites or while you enjoy infinite culinary possibilities in the city, look up at the hills and find us waiting for you!

We take pride in raising an abundance of olive trees. Every possible effort goes into this carefully crafted extra virgin olive oil with notes of green grass and a lightly spicy finish, resulting in a beautiful taste of this ancient region.

Our extra virgin olive oil – “Sesta Ora” – is made from the very first press of Moraiolo and Frantoiano olives grown on the property here in Florence, as we strongly believe in preserving the high quality of our unique territorial characterization. The dark glass bottles protect from the light and help preserve the polyphenolic substance and vitamins as well as maintain the fresh fragrances longer. Settignano’s olive oil is known to be one of the best in Tuscany, it is available for tastings and can be bought on the property or shipped worldwide.